17 January 2023
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
An unprecedented collaboration between an art museum and the Israeli Intelligence Service, Mossad.
13 May 2022
Arsenal Gallery
Białystok, Poland
A full-day action in Bialystok, consisting of a 12 hours’ series of performances, interventions, and demonstrations, activating the historical axis of the city center.
April 2022
Rakia Mission / Ramon Foundation
Israel / The International Space Station
A series of intimate conversations between the International Space Station and Planet Earth
August 2019
Public Art Agency Sweden
Emergency Routine activates civic alliances as they are performed between bodies in moments of danger.
November - December 2018
Milan, Italy
performance-based exhibition that examine corporal memory as a mode through which we experience historical narratives and the way they project on present modes of identifications
An online platfort dedicated to a five years collaboration which yielded "Debriefing Sessions", National Collection", Choreographies of Power" and the book "Solution 263: Double Agent"
18, 19 August 2017
European Capital of Culture Aarhus
Pustervig, Aarhus
On a pile of rubble, five Public Movement Members perform a composition of movements, derived from their research and training with rescue forces in Israel and Europe
24,25,27 May 2017
Tel Aviv, Israel
Public Movement goes back to the very first time the military speaks with us, about us: the “personal conversation” in the first summons of the draft process
Sternberg Press
A book which functions as a methodology, manual, and performance, offered as a culmination of efforts by the Office of Strategy and Protocol
24-25 September 2016
Guggenheim Museum
New York, USA
Commissioned action exploring the collections and archives of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
June 2016
Guggenheim Museum
New York, USA
A one-on-one, private meeting with Public Movement Agent
October - December 2015
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Tel Aviv, Israel
A first of its kind in Israel, a six weeks durational performance exhibition that is held in various spaces of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
September 2015
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
Melbourne, Australia
A series of confrontations, acts of appropriation and the passion of physical rivalry
15 November 2014
Future Generation Art Prize
Kiev, Ukraine
Actions of resistance, compassion, joy, and conflict
10 November 2014
Baltic Circle
Helsinki, Finland
an evening of choreographed debates between politicians, artists, cultural producers, and policy makers
October 2013
4th Asian Art Biennial
Taipei, Taiwan
A choreography that salutes the divided national identity of Taiwan and upholds the glory of ambivalent historical narratives
December 2012
Jerusalem, Israel
24 Hours of fasting, feasting, celebrations and abstinence in the City Square
October 2012
INKONST theater
Malmo, Sweden
A commemoration of the firebombing of the Jewish Community Center in Malmo on 28/09/2012.
April 2012
New Museum Triennial 2012: "The Ungovernables"
New York, USA
A series of private, one-on-one sessions
February 2012
New Museum Triennial: "The Ungovernables"
New York, USA
A salon series debating the issue of Palestine
Summer 2011
Tel Aviv, Israel
A series of actions which took place in time of protest for social justice: dancing in the streets, banks guard, gathering up artists for objection
May 2011
Israeli Center for Digital Art
Holon, Israel
A series of actions examining the physical and choreographic expressions of the yearning for Zion/Palestine/Israel.

All actions between 2006-2010 were created by Omer Krieger and Dana Yahalomi, who co-led Public Movement

December 2010
Independent with Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv, Israel
A series of events on university campus
July 2010
Bat-Yam Museum
Bat-Yam, Israel
Collecting data through personal interviews with the reseidents of Bat Yam Museum's neighborhood
July 2010
Heidelberg Theatre
Heidelberg, Germany
Occupying the University main building and University Square
May 2010
Hebbel Am Ufer theater
Berlin, Germany
Mass performance with live audio transmissions
November 2009
Van abbemuseum
Eindhoven, Netherlands
A choreography of demonstration
8 April 2009
Nowy Theater
Warsaw, Poland
A walking march and ceremony along a route in Warsaw Ghetto
December 2008
Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland
A new memorial day for Poland.
October 2008
Acre Festival 2008
Festive manifestation of power
September 2008
The Dialogue of Four Cultures Festival
Łódź, Poland
A series of actions in streets, squares and public institutions.
Aprill 2008
Bat-Yam museum
Bat-Yam, Israel
Physical location and documentation of Public Movement within a museum
February 2008
Tel Aviv, Israel
Manifestations of presence
December 16-18, 2007
Hapzura, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon
Holon, Israel
Series of actions aiming to take over the Holon’s city centr
October 25, 2007
Love Art
Rabin square Tel-Aviv, Israel
A march in Tel-aviv, two short ceremonies in Independence Hall and Jabotinsky House, A public spectacle performance. Voluntary fights and circle dancing
October 2007
Exhibition by curator Hadas Keidar
Tel Aviv, Israel
Site specific exhibition
September 2007
Acre Theater Festival
Acre, Israel
A ceremonial event
June 28, 2007
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Laying a wreath at the entrance to 'Independence Hall', which was Tel-Aviv's Museum of Art between 1930-1972
December 29, 2006
Tel Aviv, Israel
A meeting between two cars and two human bodies