A Danger Within Me: Seven Contacts for Days of Disbelief

The global pandemic confronted us worldwide, with the need and role of public space, where we perform ourselves as a society. This is the place where the body of the citizen meets the body of the state. Over the past year, the state has decided for its inhabitants when and where it is allowed to come together and whose body is dangerous. As citizens, we were compelled to accept and submit ourselves to these limitations and take responsibility for our own bodies and the public’s health. 
In these days, when touch is forbidden, Public Movement has gathered together nine performers of different ages, from childhood to elderly age, to perform seven choreographies of the public space. From these fragile times of crisis, the group maps and practices the civic potential of solidarity, disobedience, and compassion.

Action Guides: Gali Libraider, Nir Shauloff and Dana Yahalomi
Public Movement Director: Dana Yahalomi
Performers: Maayan Choresh, Zohar Hasfari, Dina Hinkis, Tomer Landman, Avshalom Latucha, Gali Libraider Mualem, Erez Lotan, Meshi Olinky, Ronen Olinky
Text and Dramaturgy: Nir Shauloff
Movement Development: Maayan Choresh, Meshi Olinky
Production: Yael Shani
Public Movement Studio Manager: Sarai Kirshner

Thanks: Dror Birger, the Littman-Hasfari family, Landman family, Kfir Bolotin, Tal Yahas

Premiered at Curtain Up 2020, Artistic Directors: Dana Ruttenberg and Oded Graf.

Performing 'A Danger Within Me' was made possible thanks to the support of:
Israeli Choreographers Association
Ministry of Culture and Sport – Culture Administration
Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts
The Center for Experimental Theater (Matan) – Rabinovich Foundation
Tel-Aviv Yafo Municipality

  • Photo: Kfir Bolotin
  • Photo: Kfir Bolotin
  • Photo: Kfir Bolotin

יש בי סכנה: שבעה מגעים לימים של אי-אמון מאת תנועה ציבורית from הרמת מסך on Vimeo.