For two weeks Public Movement was studying the relations between youth, passion and pioneering, the tension between the longing for the land from afar (Sehnsucht) and the physical practices of nation building, and examined the physical and choreographic expressions of the yearning for Zion/Palestine/Israel.

In those couple of weeks, in addition their actions in the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Public Movement also worked in Neve Arazim neighborhood (that surrounds the Center), in Holon city center and in a wheat field.
2.5 Holocaust Memorial Day, Public Movement made an action in Weizman Square, Holon

9.5 Eve of Independence Day, at 19:00 Public Movement invited the public for a double screening of live TV + video, image and text VJ.

screen #1 - The official Israeli Independence Day Ceremony, a live broadcast from Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

screen #2 - live VJ set by Yochai Avrahami, Avi Pitchon, Mai Omer, Orr Menirom and Public Movement.
Free Entrance, All was Welcome
11.5 at 18:00 Public Movement host "Lech Lecha" - a group of young Zionists from South America who arrived to Israel as part of the "Masa" (journey) program of the Jewish Agency.
The meeting was open to the public.

14.5 First screening of a new Public Movement video, produced by the Israeli Center for Digital Art. The video features the Movement members and was shot in fields and orchards in Israel. After the screening, the movement invited the public to participate in an action in the center.

May 2011- Holon, Various locations
Duration: Two Weeks

Produced by the Israeli Center for Digital Art

Public Movement Leader: Dana Yahalomi
Public Movement Members: Luciana Kaplon, Gali Libraider, Shalev Moran, Hagar Ophir

Contribution: Omer Krieger
Special thanks to Eyal Vexler

  • Photo: © May Omer
  • Photo: © May Omer