Festive manifestation of power, combining an emergency preparedness drill, a mass casualty event and various disaster scenarios. A joint forces exercise with the participation of Red Star of David Israel volunteers and the regional Fire and Rescue Services.

Produced with the assistance of: Israeli Defence Forces, Rear Command Headquarters – Northern County; Fire and Rescue Services – Western Galilee Municipal Association; Magen David Adom (Red Star of David) – Dan and Asher Counties, Volunteers Division; Israel Police – Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit; Zaka ; The City of Acre – Security Department and Motor and Vehicle Department; Israel Antiquities Authority – Western Galilee County.

First Activation 16 October 2008

Acre Festival 2008 (Festival cancelled)
Produced by the Acre Dance Center

Second activation 19 October 2008
Emergency (Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, 2008)

Public Movement Leaders: Dana Yahalomi and Omer Krieger

Movement Members: Yonatan Bar-Or, Michal Capelluto, Gilad Friedman, Luciana Kaplun, Gali Libraider, Saar Szekely,Tamar Rachel Rosenblatt.

Collaborators: Youth Volunteers of Magen David Adom (Red Star of David) – Acre Station
Students from Mate Asher Dance Workshop, Kibbutz Gaaton

Artistic Director, Acco Dance Center: Smadar Yaaron
Director, Acre Dance Center: Guy Melamed

Music: Shushan

Uniforms: Hagar Ophir

Production: Michal Kohn

Production Coordinator: Margalit Toyber

Thanks to: Acre Theater Center and Eyal Vexler.

  • Photo: © Oz Mualem
  • Photo: © Oz Mualem
  • Photo: © Oz Mualem
  • Photo: © Oz Mualem
  • Photo: © Oz Mualem
  • Photo: © Oz Mualem