A series of private, one-on-one sessions that reveal key conflicts from the mission, SALONS: Birthright Palestine? This action was presented as part of the New Museum Triennial The Ungovernables.
While developing the project in New York over the course of six months, Public Movement negotiated with power structures and various publics, navigating agendas, institutional alliances, backroom politics, and creating fractures across a spectrum of individual and organizational positions. Debriefing Session foregrounds the transitional moment between research and action by turning members of the public into emissaries of this information.
Activated in Europe for the first time, Debriefing Session in Helsinki functions as a new method of sharing the complex relations between cultural production, public and private funding bodies, political agendas and activism.

April 2012 - First activation at the New Museum Triennial 2012: "The Ungovernables"

Performed in:
April, 2012 - New Museum Triennial: “The Ungovernables”. Location: Tribeca Grand New York, NY Co-commissiones by Artis, New Museum With the support of: Ostrovsky Family Fund, The Israeli Lottery Curator: Eungie Joo

November 2012 - Baltic Circle Festival, Helsinki. Location: Sokos Hotel, Helsinki, Finland Curator: Satu Herrala, Eva Neklyaeva

March 2013 - Artis. Location: Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, USA

July 2013 - Under the Mountain Festival (Jerusalem Season of Culture). Location: American Colony Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel Curator: Omer Krieger

December 2013. Location: Sheraton Hotel Tel Aviv, Israel. With the support of the Israeli Cultural Ministry

February 2014 - Castlefield Gallery, part of the exhibition “Radical Conservatism”. Location: Hilton Double Tree Manchester, Great Britain Curators: Pil and Galia Kollectiv

March 2014 - A-Genre Festival, Tmuna Theater. Location: An office next to Tmuna Theater Tel Aviv, Israel curator: Yair Vardi

Concept: Alhena Katsof and Dana Yahalomi
Text: Alhena Katsof
Translation to Hebrew: Lital Levin and Dana Yahalomi

  • Carmen Uriarte / Phoenix Raising Art
  • Carmen Uriarte / Phoenix Raising Art
  • Carmen Uriarte / Phoenix Raising Art


“…We were never alone. There was a heavy security presence, very heavy, far heavier than necessary for Tribeca Grand…” a system of checkpoints – metal detectors, bag searches, ID checks, attitude-that was weirdly familiar yet totally incongruous[…] It was as if this date I’d made with the Tel-Aviv-based artists’ group Public Movement had turned into a parody of back channel diplomacy.”

“…Yahalomi took out a pen and a piece of paper and began sketching out the web of political complications[…] …It was a beautiful drawing, filled with innuendos and ultimatums. I remember almost none of the details except that I hoped I would manage to keep it. When Yahalomi was finished, she tucked the drawing into a folder and sent me away. …”
Kaelen Wilson- Goldie, 05 Bidoun- Ungovernables review

 Bidoun – april 2012- Ungovernables review

Art Monthly- April 2014