Action for the end of Public Movement workshop at Inkonst
(part of Rebranding European Muslims)
In commemoration of the firebombing of the Jewish Community Center in Malmo on 28/09/2012.
In commemoration of the weekly demonstrations by Palestinian refugees against the state of Israel which have taken place in Malmo since 17/04/2004.
In commemoration of the entry of the first Sverigedemokraterna into the Swedish Parliament following the election on 19/09/2010.
In the cause of untangling a net of social identification and over-identification, automatic enemies, imaginary or real hostility and dangerous alliances, Public Movement workshop participants announce their first action in Malmo, and the third action in the transeuropean campaign "Rebranding European Muslims"

October 27, 2012
INKONST theater, Malmo, Sweden
Curator: Rickard Borgström

Action Leaders: Luciana Kaplun, Hagar Ophir, Dana Yahalomi

Participants: Henrik Andersson, Charlotte Elm Ravn, Nils-Joahn Sjoquist, Lea Vandelbo Petersen.

Advisor: Daniel Miller

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