A ceremonial event including 10 Public Movement members, a black executive car, flags and a burning word. The ceremony is followed by a dancing circle of members of the public.

The action was performed more than 45 times in different cities in Israel and Europe.

Produced originally by the Acre Theater Festival , Israel
Co-produced with the Acre Dance Center

Public Movement Leaders: Dana Yahalomi and Omer Krieger

First Ceremony:
30.09.07 – 02.10.07 - Also Thus!, Acre, Israel, Al-Amal Elementary School Courtyard (14 actions). People in uniforms were admitted free of charge.


“…Public Movement’s interests since Also Thus! have been developing away from drama towards an investigation of (and experimentation with) rituals in the expanded field. …” […]

“…Public Movement have tended to avoid explaining their own actions; perhaps for this reason, in the wake of their Lodz activity, a third actor entered the field. After seeing Also Thus!, the fantastically-named Maria Technosux, a dance critic from Amsterdam, became convinced that the group is a front for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), serving nefarious capitalist-Zionist protocols, and made it her mission to enlighten the world…”
Daniel Miller, Frieze , July 13, 2009

“Please do show me another performance group, anywhere in the world, that is as openly and shamelessly backed by the military, the military of any country, as is Public Movement by the IDF. Show me one other performance group, anywhere in the world, that is backed by their National military and is allowed to tour the European performance circuit the way as PM does…”


“Why don’t you just admit you get off on fascist propaganda, especially the starched white Israeli variety of it. “

Maria Technosux, “Its not performance, its propaganda: Exposing Public Movement”

 Dafna Ben Shaul- chapter 8 of Performance Studies in Motion (30 DEC 2013)