Public Movement conducted a series of actions in order to take control over Holon’s city center, including disruptions of peace, manifestations of presence, parades, demonstrations of joy, violent incidents involving humans and vehicles, use of the city PA system and injecting silence into city central.
For the three days of the mission Public Movement was granted the authority to enforce state law and city regulations in the area. With the completion of the mission, Public Movement conducted an official ceremony in Weizmann Square, with the people of Holon and various guests.

Location: The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon
Duration: 3 days

Produced by: Hapzura festival,The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon

Public Movement Leaders: Dana Yahalomi and Omer Krieger
Public Movement Members: Karmit Burian, Ma'ayan Choresh, Yula Gidron, Luciana Kaplun , Gali Libraider, Adily Liberman, Michael Rosman, Saar Szekely, Yossi Tal-Taieb.