The action started with a march in Tel-aviv, leaving from Public Movement's temporary headquarters, situated in a building which housed the Hagana covert headquarters.
The march stopped for short ceremonies in two sites.
The first site was Independence Hall, which was Tel-Aviv's Museum of Art between 1930-1972 and where the State of Israel was proclaimed on May 14th 1948. Public movement held a wreath laying ceremony at the entrance of the building.

The second site was Jabotinsky House, the center of the Beitar movemet and the headquarters of the Likud – Israel's main right wing party.
Public Movement positioned itself on the building's stairs and sang the Beitar Anthem, written by Jabotinsky in 1932. The Movement proceeded then to Rabin Square, Tel-Aviv's main square, famous for historic demonstrations and the site in which Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in 1995. A public spectacle was performed and voluntary fights and circle dancing took place, with the participation of passers-by and members of the audience.

25 October 2007
Three Hours

Whales: art projects in public space, produced by the Tel-Aviv Municipality.

Curated by Moran Shuv
Various sites in Tel-Aviv

Public Movement leaders: Omer Krieger, Dana Yahalomi
Public Movement members: Karmit Burian, Ma'ayan Choresh, Yula Gidron, Rachel Hagigi, Gali Libraider, Adili Liberman, Saar Szekely, Michael Rosman, Yossi Tal Taieb